Artery Residence: A Home in Kansas City Designed for an Art Collector’s Extensive Collection

A jaw-dropping home in Missouri designed around an extensive contemporary art collection.

Studio davidpompa Expands Cantera Rosa and Copper Ambra Lighting Collection

A sculptural pendant that explores the combination of two different materials – cantera rosa and copper.

The BMW Vision iNext Concept Backseat

The BMW Vision iNEXT is a fully electric autonomous crossover SUV outfitted with future-forward technology and a lavishly adorned interior.

The Bamba Collection by Carolina Ortega

A furniture collection named after an indigenous word for a "majestic tree," an age-old motif that represents growth and change.

Fernando Mastrangelo Curates 2nd Exhibition of Work from Emerging Designers

A curated exhibition that features the work of emerging artists and designers whose work explores post-industrial materials and techniques.

A Bungalow in Sydney Gets a Dramatic, Pavilion-Like Addition

A 1960's yellow brick bungalow in Sydney is transformed to include a dramatic, pavilion-like addition in the back.

Deadgood Launches the Hug Chair Which Utilizes the Lloyd Loom Process

A modern chair that uses a 100-year-old weaving process to get its wicker-like look.

The Up Memory Tower’s Modular Hard Drive Stacks Up Storage

A stackable and expandable external hard drive storage system that proposes integrating color and typography.

Coast to Coast Lands in Detroit

September kicked off the Coast to Coast series with NY-based Colony, who made a visit to America’s Motor City: Detroit, Michigan.

Friday Five with Asher Dunn of Studio DUNN

Asher Dunn shares favorite pastimes, hobbies, and even a must-have writing utensil.

Austin’s Vista Residence Is Built Around a Sculptural, Three-Story Staircase

A modern, three-story home that's built around a sculptural staircase that took 8 months to fabricate.

Radiolaria #1 Chair Mimics the Intricacies of Microscopic Organisms

Bio-inspired fragments of unicellular organisms provide the inspiration for this 3D printed seating concept.